American Spirit

American Spirit

This new re-design of the confederate battle flag, takes this ancient symbol, and attempts to re-contextualize it with spiritual historical facts, and also to transform it into a memorial day symbol that honours the sacrifice of all those who fought for the right of men to act according to their conscience, and in service to God.

Its hope is to bridge and push the narrative from one of blaming and fear to one of understanding of the progress we have made in the United States as brothers and sisters, as citizens of a country whose ideals have transformed how people govern themselves, but not their fealty to their Lord and Saviour. It is to remember the ancient symbols of the cross, in particular, the cross of St. Andrew, the first called. The red is the sacrifice of blood, of the witness of the martyrs who died keeping the commandments and traditions and understandings of our Faith.

It is to remember the Scots, under Oengus II, who prayed for victory over their enemies, and the promise they made if they won, to stay true to their Faith, and to memorialize this in a flag. It is to remember that when we forget our faith in Christ, these symbols can be used by such men as Woodrow Wilson’s KKK, to promote ideas and conduct contrary to the fact that we are all men of one race made in the image of God. One race with different hues, but one race under God, and as Christians, we are also of the Christian race and support Christian values.

That is why I call this symbol American Spirit, also in honour of President Donald J. Trump’s 1st speech to Congress, in which he made reference to the American Spirit. This is our battle flag, and I hope it flies on Memorial Day every year. But I am just introducing the design of it today.

This flags stands against race-baiting. It symbolizes the hope of all men who wish for true brotherhood, to be able to worship according to conscience, to obey the commandment in which we labour to fulfill that is to love our neighbour as our selves, and to recognize that all races have suffered, and sacrificed to rectify wrongs, and to make a better life for themselves and others. No human as a member of a race, nationality, or ethnic group has not suffered on this planet earth. But there have always been the universal recognition that wrongs must be rectified with Justice.

I believe this is why Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. I hope his election aides in the healing of the enmity between peoples in our lands, I hope that this symbol of the American Spirit, also reminds us that we are all the children of God of a nation who built it’s ideas around enlightenment principles which was tempered by the Christian Faith.

Red in this flag means sacrifice, martyrdom, witness;White, purity, fidelity; Blue honour and courage. The sword represents that passage in the bible where Christ says that He comes not to bring peace but a sword, i.e., we must choose to stand for our beliefs or fall by the wayside, in other words discern our times by the light of our Faith and act accordingly; Matthew 10:16, says we must be wise as a snake and harmless as a dove, even though we are sheep amongst wolves; ie. we must see Christ, even in our enemies, but we must be ready to defend our beliefs. The yellows in this piece is a symbol of grace; and the reds/oranges the symbol of passion which is over come by the gifts of the Holy Spirit represented by the Dove. And the Laurel, is peace, for Christ gives us the indiscribable peace that all Christians have experienced at some time in their lives, and He gives of the strength to change our lives personally and by extension our society. This is what the symbol of the American Spirit means.

We may be wayfarers on the earth, but we still have a duty to God to do the best we can to maintain what God wants of us within ourselves in our personal lives and in our societies: that is to be what we are, brothers and sisters, of one race, the human race, and of one nation, the United States, under God. This is our American Spirit.

So, I hope this makes sense, and you will like this new design of the confederate battle flag, now redesigned and called American Spirit.

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