Election Day in Utica, NY notes…

I just received my Important Voter Information and will post its content here online for you all:

You May vote on Election Day, Tuesday, the 3rd of November, 2020.

You may vote during the nine (9) day Early Voting Peirod wihich starts on October 24, 2020 and concludes on the 1st of November, 2020.

You may apply and vote by absentee ballot for the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.

Polls are open 6 AM to 9 PM unless otherwise noted.

Early Voting Locations/Addresses

South Rome Senior Center 112 Ridge STreet, ROME NY 13440
New Hartford Town Hall (aka Old Gander Mountain: “A Hobbit’s Name if I Ever Did See One”), The Orchards 8635 Clinton Street, New Hartford, NY 13413

Mohawk Valley Community College-Jorgensen Center-1101 Sherman Drive, Utica NY 13501

Early Voting Dates and Times

Saturday, October 24: 10 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunday, October 25: 10 AM – 3 PM

Monday October 26: 10 AM – 6 PM

Tuesday October 27: 10 AM – 6 PM (New Hartford Site open until 8 PM)

Wednesday October 28: 10 AM – 6 PM

Thursday October 29: 10 AM – 6 PM (New Hartford Site open until 8 PM)

Friday October 30: 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday October 31: 10 AM – 3 PM

Sunday November 1: 10 AM – 3 PM

Absentee Voting:

You may apply by mail, fax, email, online or calling your local board of elections.

Applicatios and an online portal can be found at: https://www.elections.ny.gov/VotingAbsentee.html

When sending a fax or email, it must contain:

the name and date of birth of the voter

the address where you are registered

an address where the ballot is to be sent

the reason for therequest

Applications can be sent by mail or dropped off in person at your local board of elections.

If you are not applying by mail or online, you may apply by:

Sending an Email to: BoardofElections@ocgov.net

Sending a fax request to (315) 798-6412

Calling: (315) 798-5765 or 5729

You may apply online, mail, email, phone or fax for an Absentee ballot no later than the 27th of October, 2020, but remember that the Postal Service has said they cannot guarantee timely delivery for ballots applied for less than fifteen (15) days before an election.

You may apply in person upto the 2nd of November 2020.

Absentee Ballot

Absentee ballots will be mailed after the application has been sent in. For voters applying for an absentee ballot by mail, the ostal Service recommends that voters apply at least fifteen days before election day. For voters returning their voted absentee ballot, it must be dropped off on or before the 3rd of November, 2020 and if sent by mail it must be postmarked by the 3rd of November, 2020 and recived by your local board of elections by the 10th of November, 2020. The Postal Service recommends for voters returning ballots by mail that they should be mailed at least seven days before the general election.

Please note: If you applied for an abentee ballot for the General Election by using the application that was mailed to you in late May, you must reapply by mail, fax, email, online or by calling us.

To Find our your Voter Registration Status go online to https://voterlookup.elections.ny.gov/