The White Negro: Identity and the Difference Between Positive and Negative Stereotyping Part II

Melpomene & Thalia

O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thyself.Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth: render a reward to the proud.Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?

At the commencement of this second part on Identiy, Stereotypes and specifically upon the subject of the White Negro, I want to say that this article may offend, specifically “black” people, and their “allies”. But I feel that I’m uniquely positioned, a child born and growing up in the 60s and the 70s, and one who actually experienced the different threads of the various, yet in essence singular ideology on racism, classism, and of the common folks, such as my foster parents, who happened to be black, who also watched All in the Family, and the Jeffersons amongst other shows, with millions of other viewers who were irish, italian, polish, russian, japanese, and this was something they all lived, because my parents lives and others were reflected in Archie and Edith, George and Louise; Chico and the Man, Sanford and Son, James at 15, and more. They were the modern Amos and Andy, which if one was to watch that show, which was mocked by the black liberals of the modernist era, was actually a television show that exhibited both the frailty and common dignity of humankind, in other words, it was a show that allowed us to laugh at the foibles of the everyday man, which George and Archie for instance reflected, and we were growing closer as a nation. Charlie Pride and Charlie Gatemouth Brown (who I have the great experience of seeing live, in a Seattle Blues and Rock Roll venue), was singing country on Hee Haw, and Sammie Davis Jr. was guest starring on The Rifleman, a profoundly Christian Law and Order show. The unfortunate Bill Cosby was the part of the duo of characters on I Spy, and Diahann Carroll was an esteemed nurse, and Greg Morris was an essential part of Mission Impossible. And let me not forget Nichelle Nichols who portrayed Uhura on Star Trek. And I just want to add that the Waltons and Gunsmoke were amongst the staples of consumed culture in our home, Perry Mason, Hawaii Five O.

In my personal life, the african americans around me were all house owners, mowed their lawn on Saturday, went shopping on Saturday, and went to Church on Sunday. Everyone had a job, nurses, doctors, bank employees and loan officers, police officers, teachers, my foster dad worked at Ideal Toy Company, and although I never got the microscope I always wanted, Christmas was full of toys and great food, preceded by my dad’s simple prayers. My first job in life was cleaning the beautiful house of an Insurance sales man who lived in the neighborhood of St. Albans, the neighborhood Donald J. Trump grew up in, in Queens, New York. My foster aunt Beemie, also lived in this neighborhood, and she worked as a nurse in Jamaica Hospital.

My dad was an usher, my mom was a floral committee member of our Church, my sisters and I were junior ushers, and sang in the junior choir. Mrs. Gittens the wife of Reverend Eldridge Gittens, played both the piano and the organ, was the choir director of the two choirs in our Church, one sang Traditional Methodist songs, of which the following songs are still amongst my favorite: Blessed Assurance, and What a Friend We Have In Jesus. And the other choir was what most people associate as a choir in a “black” church. She also would arrange folk compositions of songs, and to this day my sisters and i love Barbara’s performance of Where you There When They Crucified My Lord.

People, in the square of their daily public and private lives, were working out and healing the mistakes of the past, embracing positive stereotypes and shattering negative stereotypes along the way. I know this happened, it continues to happen, and yet there is such a great denial of this natural healing ability of human beings.

When I was in school recently, the college level the professor tried to deny that there was a period of reconciliation that happened after the civil war. I was so upset with him, that I point blank asked him in frustration “are you trying to tell me that there were no efforts at all at reconciliation, the rules of the gentile war effort when people who go to the battle fields, and afterward have conversation,and then the rule of war in the 1800s the chilvary that still existed, the war code, the respect one had for one’s opinions the conferedate and the union statutes was man to man respect for the rights to have a differing opinion, bespoke of the tragedy of war, the commemoration of bravery, nobility, and honour on both sides, the humanity of the enemy, recognized again as the brother. We forgive, forgave and moved on. If there had not been a reconciliation there would never have been All in the family, or the Jefferson, or Chico and the Man, and Sanford and Son, I Spy, Star Trek, …I can go on and on….

Many of the shows that were so popular with American Audiences celebrated Traditional Family life, and this was underpinned by the prevalent Christian Ethos of the United States, and these shows therefore acted as an extention to the the Christion principle of Love God with All Thy Might and Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. . America during the 60s and the 70s, was still a profoundly Christian culture…even though there were forces such as the creators of Woodstock , Critical Analysis, ( a form of analysis that judges subject matter elements as oppressive or revolutionalry,) who were conspiring (and we see the results today) to destroy the fundamental Christian culture of the United States. Elton John sang the line God is Dead in Levon, and currently stands out in my mind as the seductive poster child of the subversion that was permeating United States society. Solzhenitzyn tried to warn us. Academics who long ago commited themselves via their unbridled search for unholy pleasure as slaves to the godless authorities, ignored him. And then came the sitcom, the anti-family sit com Married without Children….

But as I begin to write this, and sorry for the long intro, but I feel I must say this, the current BLM Socialist and Antifa Socialist factions, they cannot truly love each other, how can they when the unholy alliance is melded with a perversion of what the human being is, when the personality, the makeup of the human being is couched in animalistic theories such as evolution theory, competition theory, altuistic therory , socio-biology that equates men with ants, (and not in the Biblical manner) and that have no grace of our Lord, what kind of unholy friendship is this: In order to be friends with any socialist one must deny one’s basic human capacities, must become subservient and dependent in nature; must in sooth, become slavelike to a dogma created in hell, in search of a utopia that glorifies the passions, the sufferings of people, rather than point the way to true health of soul, and true and good relationships between people. The white man in relation to the black man in this context will always be racially contexted, the skin colour now serving as a trigger for ideologies that distort the unity of mankind, and the black man in reltaion to the whilte man will always be the object of racism, and in this way they shore each other up to attain a goal of subverting the basic Christian paradigm of the United States of America. And they are forever, in this context, and will be forever at war, for they shore each other up in order to gain the supremacy of power over others, and each is vying for that position, and at some point they must go to war with each other and in fact the ideology that unites them will insure this. This is the nature of the friendship. And the nature of this friendship, this is what we will explore and we will understand better what kind of a friendship is this, and what sort of dogma is this …the stereotype of victimhood, the stereotype of the white negro, the stereotype of the oppressor-aristocratic class, as so long ago preached by Nietzsche in his Genealogies of Moralities Discourses. and which is embodied in such literature as Allen Ginsbersg’s Howl, and Norman Mailer’s The White Negro, embraced by the Beat Culure, by Jazz Music the music of resistance, the music of the unholy alliance, the signature music of the songs of a nation in its death throes.

They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage.They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless.Yet they say, The Lord shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.

A friend of mine had been raped in the subway. He was running away from home, a home of wealthy Jews who could trace their heritage to the tribe of Dan, who had immigrated to the United States and one of their sons created a successful and iconic personal care brand, which thrived in the seventies. He had run away from home and in the subway, in the early dankness of the morning, he thought he saw his saviours, two black men, and he approached them…looking to join in with the hipster vibe, and they raped him. A year later, as he was telling me about his exploits at studio 54, he suddenly told me his story, asked me with a quiet, and explosive intensity, was it racist for him to hate them who violated him. I remember thinking, why would he think it was racist, it wasn’t their skin that raped him, it was their broken soul, but they had justified their rape of him by the colour of their skin..,. he deserved it because he was white, and they were only avenging the years of injustice, on a “white” jewish boy who had run away from home one night….why did he need me to validate the betrayal he was struggling with? But I had no problem calling a spade then, it was integral to my sanity, because I knew my grandfather did something so very wrong to my mother, and that he enjoyed the results of it that was evident from the look in his eye, and remembering this, and being true to its portents, kept me alive long enough to be able to find God. But I told my friend, they raped you, and I don’t think you are racist for hating them for doing that to you.

Could he trust me then, or my pronouncement? Was I merely a self-hating negro (therefore, not a cool black person, otherwise the cool cat referential species of the hipster, if that was the case); who couldn’t understand that white people are intrinsically bad, and that there are no such things as bad black people? Because of slavery? But if I were to identify as a slave, then my cohorts would not only be black people, here in the United States or in Africa, it would be all slaves from time immemorial, it would be Odysseus, it would be the Blond Gaul, it would be the Irish and the Pixies, it would be the slaves of Latin America of which Galeano so elegantly writes about, it would be the Persian Jews, the slaves of Asia, and thus currently the Chinese Uuygers, it would be the Christian Slavs, and Christians in particular from the time of Christ, All of these slaves past and present would be my brethren in arms. So why only black slaves? What usefulness is the narrative of the black slave, and only the black slave of the particularly European narrative steeped in Revolutionary fervor of the 1700s-1800s and beyond, which is generated in the written annals of the Enlightenment and then further distilled in the writings of Frederick Nietzhche under the auspices of the principles of the perpetual revolutionary struggle to attain the utopian call to arms: liberty!, equality!, and justice! , but mainly liberty! But what kind of liberty is this? In the writings of Nietzsche, the mask falls off.

Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?10 He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?11

Nietszhche: on the Morality of the Oppressed

There are many points of departure in which to discuss the boldness of statements such as Biden’s You Ain’t Black, and construction of whiteness and blackness in Western Politics. I personally believe that for Nietzhsche, the races that he was constructing in his discourse were those who were Christian, and everyone else. The Christian for him were the Aristocrats who made up laws which the poor had to follow, and which defined the aristocrat and which defined the underclass, the peons, the perpetually resentful. The model for the subversive resistance was the Jew who used Christianity to subvert the Aristocrats of Rome, this is Nietzsche model that is currently used to try and subvert Judeo-Christian Culture in the United States. Next Week: Nietsche Applied

my favorite James at 15 episode, the only one i remembered, actually