The White Negro: Identity and the Difference Between Positive and Negative Stereotyping Part I

Melpomene & Thalia

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players”

Let’s get this straight. People are petty. They are, as a rule, stunted, in the development of their soul and thus their personalities. The society that we live in now ensures that such people are produced at alarming numbers successively in each generation. And that once they are produced they are diverted from any exposure to the true therapy of spiritual healing. And why is this ensured. Because everything that is Holy, All that is Good is being attacked as an affront to the so called “humanistic” humanity of a few malcontents and deviants. But how did this rag taggle remnant of society gained such an upperhand in our political discourse? Why do they dare to push back on Sacred understandings of who and what humanity is, and for what purpose we exist? Why have they proclaim war against the Divine Instigator of the Benevolent Mission, to bring mankind up out of the mire of its fallen nature?

On one hand we have the children of God, and on the other, the children of men. Have the children of God matured beyond the stages of milk? And now, do they strive manfully, for the prize, not a prize couched in overtones of racial or class, or economic equity, but one that demands brotherly love brought about by purification of the soul, because of Him who demands it from us. But there seems to be less and less of these noble types. And what weakness now these Children of God exhibit. Where are these noble, silent majority. They seem to be cowering. And our government has been over run, over run by who? The children of men, and what are these creatures, who are looking at distorted mirrors of themselves and making up new worlds of identities in which they themselves are gods. It is as though the world went to sleep one night and woke up the next day invaded by a gang of Caligulas, and Neros, Jezebels and their weak husbands Ahab, the epitomy of the egoistical stunted personality, doomed to a tragic ending in which their friends, the hirilings, abandon them, not only abandon them but gives them the knife to perform the ultimate sacrifice of hara kiri to their willful stupidity, their willful ignorance. Are some of these children of men not unlike Herod, who knowing the blessedness of St. John the Baptist, but for the opinion of his peers, in order to seem a man of stability, granted to his step daughter the head of the Forerunner? Like him, They know, but they are enslaved, and being enslaved are fearful as slaves are wont to be, and like slaves, they are not men of dignity, they strut like a fixed cock just before his neck is wringed, they are but braying asses before being led to the slaughter; and what then is giving them this strength that they have in this society. What knots have they entangled the good men and women of this society in, of what are we guilty of, what sentimental, false humility keeps us in our dens, hoping that the shadow of death will miss us, that this insurrection will go away, if we just follow orders and do our jobs.

If we tolerate their version of reality, if we acknowledge that, if one is black, of rejection of our blackness on the one hand, if we do not agree with this mob of children, and if one is white, of harboring intrinsic racist thoughts, in every breath we expel, in every sidelong glance; “don’t look at me!” we are told, “the look you gave me is racist” they name and accuse us. This is the prison they have encircled us with, have paralyzed us with…and we…we are the children of God.

The saddest thing is this: The hirelings, like the classes of Orcs, had taken control of the education system (and our neighborhood associations) and are teaching pure hell in the schools, and we are guilty my friend, because the syndicate union, arbitrates for us, for us they make sure we are paid well, they look the other way, all we have to do, is show up, and shut up, and let them run their programs to indoctrinate our children. And now we, retired, stand and protest outside of the planned parenthood, and the odd pro-Trump rally, and in our pockets jingles 30 pieces of silver, and our children have been hanging on the cross of our complicity.

Trump is going to save us, you say, while you mumble under your breath, how can he…and you sit in your armchairs and watch the Trump show or stage a rally, while the communists have infiltrated our neighborhood and churches, governmental structures, and have like mold, become one with the very ground of these our United States, and we shout slogans, and pat ourselves on the back about how witty we are, but the enemy is focused, these unruly ironically ritalin drugged gangsters are focused, like the Taupin of the Wall of China, (from the movie the Great Wall) and they have been tunneling underground and destabilizing the very foundations of our society. This is the source of the crumbling all around us, while we spout pithy statements of Christian wisdom. While 31% of Catholics and 37 percent of Protestants each year have abortions. While the pornography industry rakes in billions every year. While we allow pagan ritualistic practices to thrive in the name of tolerance. Sincerely, are we no different from the Israelites of old who sacrificed their children in the hills and amongst the groves? And when in history have pagans been tolerant of Christians? Name one pagan society, name one time. And I will yield.

And are we waking up, ‘woke’, drugged and seduced by the effects of the degrading of our entertainment culture? Everywhere, it is like a modern state of Sodom and Gomorrah, and we look to one person to save us, Trump, but we also need to work to save ourselves….and How.

And it must be repeated: what of us? We sit and watch as a spectacle, waiting for the Trump show to be over, so we can turn the channel and laugh perhaps or be outraged and offended at the next commercial. It’s surreal, it’s can’t be happening, surely, surely we know that folks such as these cannot prevail? Surely…but the truth is they have been here since the beginning of our country, kept at bay by our Christian traditions, values, our love of God, our brotherly love of our fellow man, a true understanding and respect for family, our Faith in God to heal us all and bring us to the true promised land. It wasn’t the second amendment that kept us free or safe, it was this Faith. We lost this Faith, and now we will rely on our guns…when we need to return to our Faith, and lay down our lives for the sake of God, and of the best of what this Republic is and was, once upon a time. Now is the time for Faith to be renewed, and now we must fight to regain territory lost. This is what the second amendment gives us cover for, for we are not barbarians.

The politification of the Pettiness of people, coupled with a distorted sense of entitlement, is supported by the various passionate inclinations, some lack diligence, magnanimity, some lack generosity, some lack chastity, some lack temperance and prudence, others lack humility, in fact in all of the expressions of these passions, which increase the pettiness that characterizes the fallen relations between human beings, is a profound lack of true humility. And without humility, which is an never ending work to acquire, one is always sunk in the pit of pettiness, every slight is ideologicalized into a great injustice. Churches then are empty of Truth, because Pettiness blinds us, and over time they become empty of people. The Sabbath is the commandment that is broken by the recinding of the old colonial blue laws, and we have not blinked an eye. The Commander gaveth this to us as a help, and we have decided that it was an option. I remember my parents, being disturbed by the fact that it was now legal to shop on Sundays, but they never changed their own shopping patterns: Saturday was for shopping and Sunday was for Church. That was the routine I grew up in, but many of the children of parents like my parents worked on Sunday, (myself included) and the parents of these children are glad because there was this progress they were making, whether you were “black” or “white”, your child working was a sign of progress of making it in this new Republic, and then your children’s children come back from working on Sunday, and especially from college, and start to try and educate their parents about the “true” state of the world. The deep state, that had been here since the beginning of the inception of our Country, were indoctrinating our children in the schools, making them over into their own image, and turning them against those who through travails birthed them into this world, and sacrificed all so that their children could have a better life. The subtility of the deep state knows no bounds, its sins it blame on white people, its saints, they made angry black people, estranged middle class and upper class youths, neglected just as cruelly as their counterparts in the appalachias, in the ghettos of america, rebels without a cause, stamping in the street like enraged bulls, all sacrificial fodder for the dark prince of this land.

I remember one man at my job, a union member, complaining about how his kid came home and called him an oppressor.(I’m using a nicer word here). That was during Neil Bush’s Savings and Loan Scandal. And this child’s dad was working over time to pay for his education. Pettitiness, Ingratitude. Politicized. The result of the blue laws being recinded, and the indoctrination of our children in the school system influenced by the syndicate union, influenced by Mikhail Bakunin. And the indoctrination, of the entire country by the entertainment industry.

And in this emerged reality, this parody of identities, where new ones are created everyday, and the authentic ones, not based on skin color, or class, or economics, are shunned, disparaged, cancelled, outlawed, by the children of men. Our souls are being darkened, and our ability to see Christ in ourselves and in each other is being diminished. We forget how to forgive slights, we forget how to repent of our sins, we live in a constant state of agitation, and misery, always blaming others for what is wrong with our lives, or for our emotional health; or in the case of the survivours of abuse, all of the above, with the additon of being stuck in a paralysis of fear and depression and self loathing. But there is a way to move forward out of this universal sickness. The revolutionary model is one of perpetual self destruction and anniliation. The way of life can only be found in Christ.

Part II will be published next week, and there will be introduced the ideology of the White Negro.