Black Lives Matter Movement is a Case Study in Narcissistic Abuse

I’m not a therapist, but I have had my share of experiences with narcissistic people. It is why I am so frustrated with the response folks, both elected and local grassroots counter-activists have taken with these people, who as reports are beginning to allude to may be being funded by the Chinese Communist Party, in addition to being funded by the likes of such people as George Soros.

The Paper Tiger, has teeth after all, it seems, but that is another blog post.

My experience is that narcissists take a fact, and warp it out of proportion, and blame you for it, even if it is actually themselves that are perpetrating the egregrious behaviour. They are masters of taking a mole hill and turning it into a mountain. And they don’t just blame you for some wrong you’ve done, they try and destroy your self esteem by beating you down until you submit to them totally. It is the fight they get energy off of. Once you’ve been beaten down, they find another target to beat down.

I feel as though our society is getting the beat down of its life, and the thing about narcissists, is that, the advice most professionals give you about them is that you leave, you flee, you go no contact. They never change.

One thing I know for sure, that when we beat back this threat to our Republic, there is going to be needed some serious healing, and a serious reckoning.

The thing is how do you deal with a narcissistic group of people who feel they have the moral ground? I mean not just one person, but a whole half of the country? Just between me and you, I think that deep down inside of themselves, they do not believe they have the moral ground, they just use that as an angle to trip up folks who don’t understand properly human nature, the mission of Salvation, and the fact that God does exist, and that there will be a reckoning.

Black people are using white people and White people are using Black people to coerce changes in this society the other half of the Republic does not want. And it looks as though the Chinese are playing both sides of the two party system to gain a foothold on our soil. I keep mentioning the Chinese Communist Party, because a few outlets are mentioning that they are funding this rebellion, and that members of both parties, and of the media have been bought out by them for decades. But here is a question: How did it get to the point where half of the society agrees with the Gender fluid, Perpetual chip on its shoulder segment of society? But let me get back to a point I was trying to make earlier: If half of your country is exhibiting narcissistic, criminal behaviour, how do you go no contact with them? There is not enough prisons to put them in. How do you call what they are doing to the other half of the country emotional abuse and manipulation, which is malignent at the least, and murderous to the soul and to the body? How do you call them out on that? They are not listening, they are only making demands. In truth, If Martin Luther King were alive today, even if Malcolm X was alive today, they would call both of them coons.

The political process is inadequate to deal with this, and I don’t know if a military solution would only embolden these people. We are in a hot war without bullets, but it is a hot war, what do we do?

Here is my suggestion for starters: We need to arrest the political leaders who have been bought out by the CCP, and the Oligarchs such as Soros on both sides of the two party system. We need to arrest and deport Soros and all those like him. We need to arrest the participants of these “rebellions”, and deport them to the country of their ideological pathos.

Let’s deport these malcontents to Wakanda or Utopia and let them have a go at creating their own societies instead of trying to coerce a change in this society that is not welcomed. It worked in Liberia. (No it didn’t, but again that is another blog post).