George Phillips Concedes Primary Race in the 22nd District, New York

Nice Guys Finish Last?

Politics is hard, sometimes brutal, a cess pool of temptations and dark seductions. It tests our inner resolve to stand for Christ, and thus for what is right, in terms of the Gospel, and its mission of salvation for Mankind. In an age when Secular Governance seeks to insert itself in the spiritual affairs of Religion, one understands that impiety in society has risen to a high level. Governance is now an euphemism for the Deep State, or the Swamp. God, it seems is dead. We pray for victory, we are on the right side, and we lose. While we are trying to get to victory, we spend alot of time tripping each other up, through no other force than our pride, our unwillingness to truly love our neighbour as ourselves. George Phillips campaign was different, even though those dark tendencies did show up. But I am glad to have participated in this campaign because I saw a praying man who had the strength of pious character to pray for his opponent in the midst of battle. Isn’t this what every Christian is called to do, to pray for their enemies, and forgive those who trepass on us? And yet we lose the battle, we finish last in this contrary world. And then the chorus intones, well what did we expect, Nice Guys Finish Last.

He ran a clean race, he refused to give in to pettiness, and he had a peace within him that is a rare type of strength to witness. This rare type of strength is what is needed in Washington today. A person who can keep cool even when the odds are against him, and even when it even seems that God has abandoned the “good guys”.

I must remember that some of the most disregarded saints of the Christian Church, lived unremarkable lives, were perhaps nice guys, but the battles they fought, though invisible, were epic. The fight to gain mastery over one self, to strive to “…Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect..”.is unlike any on earth, and its outcomes has the most profound consequences. Each day we are called to battle, to discipline our lives in line with the teachings of Christ, and we fall every day, sometimes a lot, and sometimes by grace, only a little. An eldress recently told me “Jesus is not so concerned that you fell, only when you don’t get up.” I heard that before…I heard that…but as the days went by, I realised, getting up again is the most important part of the struggle to attain to the likeness of Christ.

George Phillips

I’m hoping George Phillips will run for office again, that he will help to drain the swamp that is now Washington D.C. And If it is God’s will, I hope that I am able to help him win the race, and be the Representative that the 22nd District deserves. Because in the race that counts, “nice guys” finish first, and that is the type of character we need in Washington D.C.