Piety and the Rule of Law

Rublev’s Christ, detail

The sense of being overwhelmed is great, and also there is such a sense of spiritual disorder…actually since 2016, I’m not sure how much longer this country can sustain it…I do believe that the Lord is listening to the prayers of the pious, and by their prayers, we are allotted some measure of grace… we still remember God, we invoke Him, and we have a president who himself invokes Him, and ask for the prayers of the faithful on his behalf and on behalf of this country, the United States of America. Please let us continue to pray for Donald J. Trump, his family, and those members of Congress who support him, and let us not to forget to pray also for our enemies.

For some time I have been trying to write the pithy argument about how the Constitution of the United States has in practice been mangled in the application of different philosophical biases in interpretation of the law and how it is correct to understand it from a Judeo-Christian point of view. I was going to show my proofs of the pithy quotes from Addams, the Englishman Burke, and others.

However, the truth is that the Constitution’s inspiration is pagan, even of the best natural minds of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, as they were minds still captivated with a carnal understanding of the divine, and thus of law. Later, the ideas of the enlightenment, the positivists, and currently modernists refined in one way the egalitarian aspects of the ancient Greco-Roman ideal and in other ways completely distorts them, making them solely an instrument of the passions of the elites and those they rule.

Pantocrator Christ

In our own age, even the poor engage in activites that the Lord Himself only alludes to, and along with the elite sees it as a form of liberating freedom of being. The populace is encouraged to live like apes, simply because the ape has replaced Christ God as an Archetype. And society is now moving past the ape to the future, brave new age of the Cyborg, wherein the human being, as is still understood today, will become just a relic of the evolutionary past. And with these new found “freedoms” the laws will evolve. Just as in Orwell’s Animal Farm, so aptly named.

The Christian inspired understanding of law, or some may say the “Byzantine” aka in some circles as Christian Rome’s understanding of the relationship between, law, faith and society, is on the one hand being hidden away from the public sphere, (for instance, one can only practice one’s faith behind closed doors). On the other hand, being publically ridiculed is becoming a norm. The Constitution is being used to outlaw in spirit and practice, the spiritual-social behaviour of Christianity.. Because we are, currently, the dominant religious culture we must deny our public practice of our faith, in order that others are not offended, whether they be atheists or other religious. This was made very clear to me when I had to ask permission to sing a Christian Folk song to some students, or when I was told I could not say Merry Christmas to students.

The civilizing influence on the Constitution has been the pious faith of Christians of the United States. Justinian the Great, a Roman Christian, was responsible for Christianizing the Civil Code of the Roman Empire. During the French Revolution Napoleon was responsible for de-Christianizng the Law Codes of France. The Reign of Terror, preceded him, but the effects of the French Revolution’s legal attack against Christianity, we are still dealing with.

What Americans need to understand is that without Christianity, the Constitution, is just as totalitarion as any Communist or Fascist constitution. Their own constitutions guaranteed free speech, practice of religion, right to work and to vote. All of which were violated because the interpretation of the law was not based on a fidelity to or recognition of a Higher Law, revealed in the practice of Faith; specifically, the Faith of the Christian. It was based on the passionate ideals of mere men. And the atrocities that followed, 6 million dead in Nazi Germany, 20 million dead in Soviet Russia…

So when we engage in this fight, prayerfully, to restore Christianity to its historic role of influence on our Constitution, we must engage not only in memes, rallies, or pithy statements, or for the comfort of a booming economy, we must reclaim our schools, our work environments, our Sundays. We must singlemindingly practice our Faith, without judgment, in spirit, mind, and body: There is no other way, and then because we are piously striving for the Heavenly City, the Earthly city will prosper, will reflect and attract the providence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who bestows blessings upon those who are working our their salvation, no matter how imperfectly. For I have seen that the Rule of Law is Just, Fair Equitable only when it is administered, cultivated, and has the guardianship of the pious.