Syria: A DeepState Agenda and How the State is Using it to Subvert President Donald J. Trump’s America First Agenda

Might Do Not Make Right, God Makes Right.


crucifixion 1915
Armenian Genocide, 1915

I’m responding, in particular to, Blackstone Intelligence Network on youtube,  and all those America First Pundits who are beginning to speak not well of President Donald J. Trump. In particular, Jake Morphonios, of Blackstone Intelligence Network is treating President Donald J. Trump as though he is not, unprecedently in our lifetimes, being attacked by the Deep State in its effort to remove him from office because he is committed to the America First agenda he campaigned on.  His meeting with President Vladimir Putin certainly demonstrates his commitment. The economy, the adjustments by NATO, all demonstrate this. The media deluge of attacks against him, also demonstrate not so much by what they report on, but by what they do not report on.

Unlike President Obama, he is not a mere rubber stamp, yes man masquerading as the commander in chief. He is an autonomous freewill agent on behalf of the American People and its traditional conservative values. He understands that America’s Might Makes Right Interventionist Agenda is bankrupting the American republic, and destabilizing the world, particularly the Christian, world in its swath. He understands that it is immoral to continue the  Brezinski, Kissinger neo con policies of funding jihadists, making deals with rogue elements in Christian lands (such as Ukraine, Nigeria, and the MiddleEast), in order to spread an ideology that has actually proven itself vulnerable to elements which seek to destroy its Christian Heritage.

I agree with Morphonios,  our troops are put in grave danger for a dastardly goal that goes against the very principles of our constitution and our government. And I also understand that the experiment of the United States was an experiment that was intended to be spread to other nations, forcibly if necessary. I personally don’t agree with that, if people want to emulate our democracy they should freely choose it, not have it be imposed on them.  Just as Christianity is freely given, not imposed, we should follow that model in our mundane affairs, and respect that all men are created equal because we are all made in God’s image, and thus we should follow the injunction of Christ to Love our Neighbour as ourselves, and not illegally enter another’s nation’s land, and begin to pillage it for its resources, just because we can. We all need to be aware of what is going on in the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel, in terms of Genie Oil. As one commenter stated, if you look at who is on its board, you will understand a lot of the resolve to depose the lawfully elected Bashar al Assad, the President of Syria. The Deep State doesn’t care that hundreds of thousands of Christians will be slaughtered in this effort.  If we don’t oppose this Syrian offensive by the United States, we will be held to account.  As Morphonios himself, indicates, we are going to be accountable for this, and sincerely, and I will add, that if we keep going in this direction, it will be long overdue. We should not forget Ninevah…Remember that everyone raised up their voice against Ninevah because of the way it was oppressing its neighbours. Jonah disliked them so much he didn’t even want to let them know that God gave them a chance to repent.  I believe that God gave America a chance to repent, and that was embodied in President Donald J. Trump.

What Morphonios should be doing is encouraging his base to act on our Christian ideals and resist the Deep State, by making our voice known, through petitions, through letters to the editor, and through actions that demonstrate our resolve to Love Our Neighbours as We Love Ourselves; under the Law of the Covenant, by whence we pledge to do no harm to anyone domestically or internationally.  I believe we should have prayer vigils to appeal to our Lord Jesus Christ to give President Donald J. Trump the wisdom, and the strength, to succeed against the Deep State, and that the Lord gives the people who support Donald J. Trump in this endeavour, to have the courage to support him in constructive ways…We need petitions, we need direct appeals to God, such as in the ancient days when the people would come together in public to pray to God for deliverance from their enemies. That is the only way that we can defeat the Deep State. In fact Morphonios’ latest post, I believe actually plays into the objective that the Deep State needs to do, which is to create a feeling that President Donald J. Trump has betrayed his campaign promises, in order to get people to be disillusioned by him, and thereby to vote in a Congress that will be even more hostile to the America First Agenda. The Deep State is not supportive of rational, deliberative assessment by the American People, they want us to vote on emotion fostered by fake news, and Deep State machinations.

Morphonios and the other American First commentators have the audience, and they can mobilize them in the name of Christ. Why don’t they?